Carolyn Cook

The author on her wedding day

Carolyn Cook and her husband, John Spotts, have ridden trails both out west and on the east coast.  They have trailered their horses throughout the east ranging from Maine to the Carolinas, and were and are expanding the list of states each year.  While traveling, Carolyn was writing articles on some of these destinations and receiving much positive feedback.  In addition, Carolyn was writing and speaking about trails that were unknown and needed publicity so that they would be utilized and not lost due to lack of use. There were so many great trails and horse campgrounds that equestrians and other trail users were not aware of or did not have information on.

Our Wedding

Our Wedding

Initially, Carolyn and John were under the mistaken impression that Pennsylvania did not have many trails to offer.  Plus news of certain trail closings had become very discouraging. However, upon researching what Pennsylvania did have open to equestrians and other trail users, they discovered a multitude of trails available for use.  Carolyn and John quickly found that Pennsylvania has lots of beautiful and awesome trails, rich with history and scenery, and more are being added. But the information was scattered and not in one place.  They had found there wasn’t much material available in a handy, organized, “at your fingertips” form on Pennsylvania equestrian and shared use trails. They felt trail riders would like a book that had information available in one location, written from the perspective of the trail user, that could be brought along while traveling; one that could be put in the saddlebag or backpack.  Along with an expression from many friends and fellow equestrians that more information on Pennsylvania trails was needed, Carolyn and John knew it was important to share this information to preserve the trails and keep them open to equestrians and other users. As a result, this book became a reality.

As the list of interesting and scenic trails became so long that it was too numerous to fit in one book, it was decided two books were necessary to cover the trails. A line was drawn down the middle of the Pennsylvania State map and trails of the eastern half are included in Ride Pennsylvania Horse Trails-Part I and trails of the western half are included in Ride Pennsylvania Horse Trails-Part II. Both are comprehensive guidebooks with information on equestrian and shared use trails including hiking, biking, horseback riding, horse & carriage, snowmobile, X-C ski, and camping destinations.

Rocks along the trail at Forbes State Forest

Susquehannock State Forest

It is Carolyn’s intention to give readers a reference point for trails in Pennsylvania, a variety of choices (instead of riding, hiking, or biking that “same old trail”), and to provide information about the trails as Carolyn and John experienced them. It is her hope that these books will help trail users learn about new trails and share some of the great trails Pennsylvania has to offer, to support Pennsylvania equestrian and shared use trails so that Pennsylvania trails may continue to stay open to horseback riders and others, to maintain good relations with co-trail users, to support equine trail associations including the Pennsylvania Equine Council (PEC), and to make Pennsylvania a top trail destination for all trail users. Carolyn summarizes her message in her closing in the Introduction chapters: “Enjoy, Share, and Preserve”.

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